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Our production comes from a long experience of four generations of skilled carpenters. Since the early 1900s, our ancestors have transmitted the knowledge of the various woods and the art of Tuscan workmanship to their sons. They began a great tradition, made of enthusiasm and passion for their work. The realization of our high quality furniture "made in Italy" is provided by craftsmen, highly skilled in working with wood and the sophisticated art of decoration.

Our products, manufactured with only the highest quality wood, are entirely made in Italy, in order to allow our Company to have meticulous control, in every step of the production cycle.

Every single detail of the furniture and its accessory components are controlled and followed in all the various production processes, from design to decoration and customization of the same.

There are many production lines available:

Class Series::

Custom made wooden wardrobes, with a Tanganyika walnut interior finishing: a full range of wardrobes produced according to the needs of our customers, with eight different types of doors, in many colours, either standard or customized.

Armonie del Tempo Series::

Bedrooms, complete with beds, wardrobes and bedroom sets, available in several sizes and colours and enriched by a wide range of accessories, such as armchairs, consoles, poufs and lamps.

Museum Series:

Wardrobes available in various sizes and finishes which may be coordinated with all our products.

Boutique delle Fate Series:

Children’s bedrooms complete with beds, customized wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, chairs, armchairs, poufs, lamps and other accessories, with a possibility of using the elements from the Class Collection in addition to the standard ones.

A special note: our lacquers and finishes, available in over thirty different types, are totally ecological and exclusively created by our Tuscan master craftsmen, who have always been famous for their artistic skills and talent.

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